Morris Farm is a third-generation family-owned working farm. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, this 43-acre farm has been in operation since 1915. Today, the farm grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and has several greenhouses. Morris Farm is home to several horses, chickens and cows.

Kids love to tour the farm, and we love to have them! School and church group tours are available by appointment. Call for reservations.

And don’t forget our corn maze starts in September, and continues until Halloween. Tickets can be purchased at the farm stand, and include a scavenger hunt, as well as enters you into a drawing for a pumpkin. Book an old-fashioned hay ride in October and November.

For creative folks out there, we have wreath-making classes around the holidays, as well as a variety of Christmas trees.

Morris Farm
2779 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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  1. Kathryn: I created this page for Morris Farms before I moved to North Carolina, but the farm rarely uses it, especially since Cindy Morris died – I believe it was last winter. I would suggest calling the farm directly to see if the other woman who used to hold classes is still doing it. Much luck to you and your class with their fundraiser. I’m sure they will accommodate you if they can.

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